South Side Children's Festival

Our mission is to leverage our student arts events into opportunities for building school community and for providing avenues of inclusion and new ways for children to find a valued place in the school and classroom. Community acceptance is everything to children. Inclusion in the circle of the school is the first step towards good grades, good behavior, and ultimately, success in life.

The South Side Children’s Festival has evolved in many ways over the past year to become the unique community resource we hoped to create. It has expanded its artist roster to include two new local artists and in the coming year will add two new BASD schools (bringing our total to eleven schools).

In other areas of advancement, we have made strong ties with the United Way and the Any Given Child Program lead by the Kennedy Center. Our relationship with both of these programs has brought the SSCF in touch with major social service and educational organizations throughout the Valley. Meanwhile, we have had a series of great meetings with BASD board members and look forward to a meeting with the Bethlehem Foundation in the coming month.

As we look forward to the new year, we hope to continue to find new ways to employ our great, little student shows for community and educational purposes. We are especially interested in developing a strong new direction for SSCF schools- Family Night concerts and activities that focus on the work of our teaching artists. Family Nights represent a whole new area of arts integration and a fundamental way of expressing the SSCF mission.

The South Sides Children's Festival bases its school activities on the production of short student- created plays developed during four after-school workshops that culminate in two schools assemblies. These programs include a peer group and a community program. Our collaborative productions focus on the use of the arts to illustrate, amplify and dramatize issues important to the schools and current educational themes.

During our 2018-19 Season, The South Side Children’s Festival will engage students in over 20 in-school, after-school and community assemblies. Our arts-based programs will reach children, parents, teachers and community members. 


Meanwhile, we have increased the breadth of the program to include specific, new programs for middle schools and for developing programming for the BASD Summer Slide Initiative. In all, we expect the program to reach some 6250 people in the coming year.