"Calypso students learned about dance, movement, and creativity through DanceLink.  During their weekly sessions and especially in the culminating assembly, it was a pleasure to watch students express themselves and feel respected enough to perform a personal piece on stage in front of their peers. Thank you for providing our Calypso students with this opportunity. I look forward to welcoming DanceLink back next year."   


Kathleen Bast ~ Principal, Calypso Elementary

"The Ice House was alive with artistic expression during Northeast Middle School’s Rally 4 Peace Jan. 15. North East Middle School students and alumni came together to present a program centered on injustices in the world and pathways to peace."


Bethlehem Press (click video to the right)

"The poetry program opened up an incredible window of opportunity for our students. Matt [Wolf] helped to expose our kids to a wide range of poetry and he encouraged them to read, write, and perform without fear, judgment, or limitations!"


Mr. Garcia ~ Teacher,  Donegan Elementary

"Truly, you have made an impression on our student’s lives. The way you let them express themselves was creative and enlightening as you kept our theme at the core. Holy Infancy looks forward to continuing relationship with Southside Children's Festival and you. God bless you and thank you again."   


Margorie Manasse ~ Principal,  Holy Infancy

"Having these capable artists come in and share with our youth has been nothing short of amazing. These programs have been able to help give shy students, a sense of presence; quiet ones, a voice; and stifled ones, a way to express themselves through movement. This is the essence of what art does for children, and we appreciate all the partners of the South Side Children's Festival for helping." 


Winston Alozie / Broughal Middle School, After-school Coordinator

"Having the South Side Children's Festival at Marvine this year for the first time has allowed our students to experience unique forms of artistic expression. The program taps into children's creativity and provides opportunities to discover hidden talents and interests while exposing students to unusual forms of Art - such as puppetry. The students created hands-on projects, developed writing skills, and performed on stage - a well-rounded, worthwhile endeavor"


--Dr. Karen Gomez, Principal of Marvine Elementary School